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Parniczky Quartet: Bartok electrified

Bartok elektrik slide

22 October 2018, 7PM - Balassi Institute

Parniczky Quartet: Bartok electrified  

Formed in the year 2016. Europe based four-piece Parniczky Quartet having forged a very unique signature sound that originates in jazz, contemporary classical and Hungarian folk music. The sound of the quartet is simultaneously complex and emotional. Andras Parniczky with the Nigun (Parniczky’s other group) bandmate Peter Bede and  Istvan Balo has performed more than 300 gigs around the world, including venues like the New York Guggenheim Museum, Brussels Bravo Art Festival, Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, Klezmor Festival Vienna. Erno Hock (Dresch Quartet, The Qualitons) joins them on bass as one of the most respected representatives of his instrument not only in Hungary but also in Europe.   

Their first album the Bartók Electrified published by BMC in 2018. This repertoire was performed with the collaboration of Frank Möbus and Daniel Erdmann at the MÜPA. In 2019 the band will be touring with Carlos Bica (P) and Dejan Terzic (G).  

Bela Bartok was an outstanding musician and composer. He was fascinated not just by folk music, but jazz and musical improvisation. Bartok himself was very interested in improvisation as a form of musical style. A testimony to this interest was Eight Improvisation on Hungarian Peasant Songs. He had also composed a musical piece to Benny Goodman, who was the most successful jazz musician of the Swing Era. Common affinity to these genres Parniczky composed a repertoire based on Bartok’s pieces like the Mikrokozmosz, the Easy Pieces for Piano the 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs or the Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano. Consequently Bartok's musical genius appears while the band maintains Parniczky’s and his band’s own recognizable sound.  


The Parniczky Quartet:
Andras Parniczky – guitar
Peter Bede – alto sax, tarogato (Hungarian flute)
Erno Hock – bass
Istvan Balo – drums  

Sample from the studio recordings  

5 start (out of five) – Gramofon Magazin, Summer issue 2018  

“The quartet managed to get to the pure springs. The transcendent relationship was established and the miracle took place during the concert. We could leave the day off for about an hour and a half. At the end we smiled at each other. One was thinking about the harmony and the vibrations of the world, while others were exultant. It was a miracle!” Peter Somogyvari - JazzMa  

“Bartók Electrified is a great job, let yourself be tempted by the ideas of the Párniczky Quartet.
Andrea Aguzzi - NeuGuitars

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