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Brussels Comic Strip Festival 2018

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14-16 September 2018

Brussels Comic Strip Festival

Belgium is the cradle of the comic book and as such hosts the second most prestigious comic book festival in Europe, the three-day Brussels Comic Strip Festival. La fête de la BD taking place from 14th to 16th  September 2018 in park Royal, attracting ten thousands. Invited by the Balassi Institute in Brussels, Cultural Service of the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels, a delegation of international renowned Hungarian comic book artists, such as Attila Futaki, and the authors of Kings and Crosses , János Mészáros and Levente Németh will represent Hungary at the Brussels Comics Festival.
The delegation offers exhibitions, conferences, workshops improvisation games, live drawings throughout the two days.  


ATTILA FUTAKI - comic artist, illustrator

Attila Futaki is a representative of the newest generation of the Hungarian comics. He is the first Hungarian comic book artist who had his own album published in France. From his young years he has consciously prepared his comic artist career. Ha has been accepted to the International Comic Book School in Florence (Scuola Internazionale di Comics) and studied anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hungary.

In 2009 Futaki signed with the Walt Disney Entertainment to adapt Rick Riordan's novel The Ligtning Thief to comic book. It was published in USA in October 2010, followed by 2 other books of the series. All three graphic novels became New York Times bestsellers.

He also worked on other cultic comic books like Severed, written by Scott Snyder. He drew a Conan miniseries for Dark Horse and, recently, the first Hypnos BD for Le Lombard. His illustrations have been published in New York Times, GQ and the Intercept magazine.

LEVENTE NÉMETH - project leader and Art Director
He is a well-known Hungarian graphic artist. Levente graduated on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Earlier he was employed as art director by multinational advertising agencies, but for many years he has been running his own graphic design company, Enter Stúdio 98. Under the leadership of Levente, Enter Stúdio 98 has become the leading creative studio in the field of cultural events and sports marketing. He won several awards for his work, including prizes of the Club of Hungarian Art Directors and Gold Achievement Award. His first graphic novel, Kings and Crosses was nominated for the best graphic novel of the year 2017 in Hungary.  

JÁNOS MÉSZÁROS - He has started his career in the film and video business. He worked for Hungarian film distributing companies and he was involved in the management of cinemas. In the past years, he changed for management consultancy, offering different marketing services to private clients. Recently János works as a freelance writer and translator. He translated several book on management consultancy from English to Hungarian. He is the writer of the story board of the Kings and Crosses graphic novel.


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Jul 23.
- Sep 28.
Exhibition of Miksa Róth - Colored sunlight
Balassi Institute, 10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels
Sep 06.
- Oct 20.
Abstraction du concret - Exhibition by Lucien Hervé & Illés Sarkanttyu
Rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies 66 1060 Brussels
Sep 08.
- Sep 09.
HUNGAstRY Festival
Cinquantenaire Park
Sep 12.
- Sep 12.
Marni Jazz Festival - Gábor Gadó & Laurent Blondiau
Theatre Marni
Sep 13.
- Oct 05.
KINGS AND CROSSES - Comic Exhibition
Balassi Institute - Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels
Sep 14.
- Sep 16.
Brussels Comic Strip Festival
Parc Royal
Sep 21.
- Sep 21.
Veronika Harcsa - Anastasia Razvaljajeva: Debussy concert
Balassi Institute - Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels


No events