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Hungarian authors at the Brussels Book Fair

Date: 22-25. February 2018 - Tour & Taxis

Foire du Livre

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On the occasion of the Visegrád Presidency of Hungary, to the initiative of the Balassi Institute in Brussels and with the support of Publishing Hungary, the V4 countries - Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – represent themselves at their own stand at the Brussels Book Fair. 

Hungary is represented by Krisztina TóthBenedek TotthCsilla Gévai and Levente Németh. In addition to the works of the invited authors, top-listed books of children and adult literature can be also purchased. 

On the four-days of Brussels Book Fair we can meet with great publishers and family businesses, young talents and well-known authors as well as a wide range of genres scaling from comic books to political science.

The book fair is free but registration is required. REGISTRATION HERE!


Program of Hungarian authors at the Brussels Book Fair

Thursday 22/02/2018:

14.45 – 15.30 in Place de l'Europe at stand n°450 a round table discussion with Krisztina TóthBenedek Totth, Guillaume Métayer.

16.00 – 17.30 in Stand Gallimard at stand n°306 dedication by Krisztina Tóth.


Friday 23/02/2018:

11.00 - 13.00 in Visegrád stand at stand n°116, presentation of a phone app for comic book "King's and Crosses" will take place with Levente Németh
14.00 - 16.00 (stand 106) - Totth Benedek dedication - Comme des rats morts, Actes Sud

16.00 - 17.00 in Visegrád stand at stand n°116, "While we are traveling" Children's book presentation and workshop (5-10 y-o) by Csilla Gévai

16.30 - 17.30 in Stand Gallimard at stand n°309 - dedication by Krisztina Tóth

18.00 - 19.00 (stand 106) - Totth Benedek dedication, Actes Sud

18.00 - 19.00 in Place de l’Europe at stand n°250 Literature in the east – conference by Krisztina Tóth, Viliam Klimáček, Michal Ajvaz

19.00 - 20.00 in Grande Place du Livre stand n°404, Various black colors by Benedek Totth

19.30 - 20.30 Visegrád stand at stand n°116 - dedication by Krisztina Tóth, Viliam Klimáček, Michal Ajvaz

20.30 - 21.30 Visegrád stand at stand n°116 - dedication by Benedek Totth


Saturday 24/02/2018:

12.00 - 13.00 in Visegrád stand at stand n°116, "While we are traveling" Children's book presentation and workshop (5-10 y-o) by Csilla Gévai

2.00 - 13.00 in Place de l'Europe at stand n°250, conference by Benedek Totth, Jaroslav Rudiš

14.00 - 15.00 in Visegrád stand at stand n°116, dedication by Benedek Totth, Jaroslav Rudiš

16.00 - 17.00 (stand 106) - Totth Benedek dedication, Actes Sud


Sunday 25/02/2018:

14.30 – 15.30 in Visegrád stand at stand n°116 "While we are traveling" Children's book presentation and workshop (5-10 y-o) by Csilla Gévai.

15.30 - 17.30 in in Visegrád stand at stand n°116 Presentation of a phone app for comic book "King's and Crosses" by Levente Németh.


Our authors - Biography

Krisztina Tóth

toth krisztina 400pxKrisztina Tóth (1967 – Budapest) ranks among the best known and most widely read contemporary authors in Hungary, whose work has been recognized by a lots of organizations. She started out as a student of fine arts, specifically sculpture, before switching to literature at the Eötvös Loránd University. She spent two years in Paris during her college years, a period which left a profound mark on her interests and art. She is the winner of several awards, including the Graves Prize (1996), Déry Tibor Prize (1996), József Attila Prize (2000) and her poetry ‘Ad prose’ has been translated into many languages.

Her poems have strong connections with different Hungarian and European poetic traditions - she translates French poetry. Her trademark is a subtle combination of strong visual elements, and intellectual reflection, as well as a very empathic, yet often ironic concern in everyday scenes, conflicts and people. She is a writer engaged in the poetics of body, her work is incorporated by many of her interpreters in “écriture féminine”.

Since her first collection of short stories was published in 2006 she is listed amongst the best contemporary writers of Central Europe. Krisztina Tóth lives in Budapest; she was recently awarded the Laureate Prize, one of the highest recognition in Hungarian literature.

Besides her adult literature works, Krisztina Tóth is also a popular children's book writer. Her works are quite unusual, as she uses surprising topics. She wrote a book about adoption with the elements of Gypsy folklore, a tale about influenza whose main characters are two snots that set up a family, and a cheerful and amusing book about what kind of disease the cancer is. Her children's books are characterized by humour and particular looks.
She is also a dramatist, her latest drama is ‘Pokémon go’.


Further information about Krisztina: HERE!

Bendek Totth

Benedek TotthBenedek Totth (1977 – Kaposvár) is a noted translator of English and American prose - among others, he has translated novels by Cormac McCarthy, Aldous Huxley, Chuck Palahniuk and Hunter S. Thompson. Before garnering fame as an author, Totth has translated more than 50 novels which helped him to experiment with different styles and find his own voice.

During his high school years he was a competitive swimmer and later worked in publishing as an editor. His years as a youth athlete inspired his first breakthrough novel, Holtverseny (Dead Heat), which made him an overnight sensation credited with subverting the genre of the thriller and the adolescent novel in one coup. The book won the Margó Literature Prize (for the best debut novel of the year) in 2015. His second novel, Az utolsó utáni háború (The War after the Last War) was published in 2017 by Magvető.


Foreign language editions of Holtverseny: 

Comme des rats morts (Actes Sud, 2017). 

Rights sold: Biblioasis (English); Zeleny Kocur (Slovakian) 


Gévai Csilla
Csilla Pagony kicsinyített

Csilla Gévai (1974-Budapest) is an Aranyvackor award-winning children's book writer and illustrator. During his high school years, she and her six partners won a creativity world championship in the United States. She graduated in cultural anthropology and Hungarian, and then decided to choose drawing and writing as a profession. Numerous educational and literary works, illustrations of children's books published at Pagony Publishing. Her drawings are humorous, free-spirited and freelance works. Her international successes were acquired in "Nagyon Zöld Könyv" (Very Green Book), her work published in Korean in 2015, and in January 2018, she became a delegate to the New Delhi International Book Fair by Publishing Hungary. In Brussels, she takes part in the book fair connection with "Külső utakról belső utakra" (From the outside to the inner roads) where she will draw with children and adults alongside her two books "Amíg utazunk, Holdfényszüret" (While we are travelling, Moonlight), because working is fun!


Amíg utazunk (While we are traveling)

As we travel by the tram, metro, trolley, chairlifts, train, we can know ... why the metro is red, how the escalator works, why the trolleybus 72 is the best route and how many pantographs there are. And when we land, we can walk on Gellért Hill, sit on the bank of the Danube, picnic in the Kamara Forest. In the story of Csilla Gévai, with András B. Baranyai's Budapest drawings, we can explore Budapest again with the children. Each chapter contains a walkable route. Let's travel along these, read the tales and learn a lot with the help of Doma, Panni, and Nanuk, the little Eskimo. Because vacation in Budapest is good! Source


Németh Levente

Királyok és keresztek

Levente Németh graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts as a graphic artist. He worked as an Art Director at multinational advertising agencies and he founded the Enter Studio 98 graphic office. Levente is a founding member of the Hungarian Association of Graphic Designers and Typographers. He won several awards for his work, including the Hungarian Art Directors Club Prize or the Gold Prize. He is also a creator of the corporate identity of many events (world and European championships), theater and home company. Levente Németh is the creator of the Graphicum album featuring Hungarian design graphics. The graphic artist is responsible for the image and creative appearance of Csiky Gergely Theater from 2011/2012. His name is linked to the transformation of the 2011 image change, the Csiky Gergely Theater logo, and the creation of the unified, distinctive design which is unchanged for four years. Levente Németh – through that he is an inhabitant of Nagykanizsa – grew up in the late 1980s, in the time when the performances of theaters in Kaposvár and Zalaegerszeg took place. As he says, "The Kaposvár and Zalaegerszeg guest perfomances have reported The Theatrical Experience to me". We are all glad that he grew up with his talents and with his aesthetic sense cultivated in these presentations enriches the world of the Csiky Gergely Theater.

Kings and Crosses
Our story starts with the invasion of the allied forces of Conrad II, the Holy Roman emperor against the “old enemy”, the more and more irritating, still half-pagan, but aggressively expanding Kingdom of Hungary. The aging Hungarian king, Stephen I of Hungary send his only remaining son, Prince Imre to fight the invaders in the killing swamps of the River the Danube. Who will win? The well trained, heavy cavalry of the Germans or the mixed battalions of the half-nomad Hungarian horsemen, backed up by the fancy-looking, but a little bit erratic Italian cavalry. Odds are against the Hungarians, but they are on their home turf. And this turf is muddy, swampy, and could be extremely dangerous for a reckless, haughty heavy knight. But both of the princes are facing other problems, as well: disobedient noblemen, willful future princesses, untrustworthy allies on their sides. And the shadow of their mighty fathers… Some of our characters are well-known from the history books, emperors, princes, grafs, but the most interesting ones are fictitious: Alsatian mercenaries, Viking bodyguards, priest, etc. Further information


Further information: HERE!
Facebook link: HERE!

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Feb 17.
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Writing, Trace and Grid - Exhibition of Kamill Major
Balassi Institute, 10 Treurenberg, 1000 Brussels
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„A View on V4” – Contemporary art exhibition from the Visegrád Countries
Art Thema Gallery, 51 Rue de la Madeleine, 1000 Brussels
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Foire du Livre - Brussels book fair
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Lecture of Zsuzsanna Böröcz, PhD about the role of stained glasses in architecture
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HUNGARIAN MOTIVES - Hungarian folk music and dance performance
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