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KINGS AND CROSSES - Comic Exhibition


Opening: 7PM,  13 September 2018

Available: 14 Szeptember - 5 October


Graphic novel about the early history of Central Europe
Stories on wars between German emperors and Hungarian kings

The story: a troubled, blood-shed century under the shadows of kings and crosses

"Our story starts with the invasion of the allied forces of Conrad II, the Holy Roman emperor against the “old enemy”, the more and more irritating, still half-pagan, but aggressively expanding Kingdom of Hungary.

The aging Hungarian king, Stephen I of Hungary send his only remaining son, Prince Imre to fight the invaders in the killing swamps of the River the Danube. Who will win? The well trained, heavy cavalry of the Germans or the mixed battalions of the half-nomad Hungarian horsemen, backed up by the fancy-looking, but a little bit erratic Italian cavalry. Odds are against the Hungarians, but they are on their home turf. And this turf is muddy, swampy, and could be extremely dangerous for a reckless, haughty heavy knight. But both of the princes are facing other problems, as well: disobedient noblemen, willful future princesses, untrustworthy allies on their sides. And the shadow of their mighty fathers… Some of our characters are well-known from the history books, emperors, princes, grafs, but the most interesting ones are fictitious: Alsatian mercenaries, Viking bodyguards, priest, etc.
We all know the historic facts but the fates of the persons in the Middle Ages are sometimes waiting for rediscovery."

Illuminated Chronicles – first publication in Hungary: November 2017
English version publication: November, 2017
French version expected publication date: September 2018



LEVENTE NÉMETH - project leader and Art Director
He is a well-known Hungarian graphic artist. Levente graduated on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Earlier he was employed as art director by multinational advertising agencies, but for many years he has been running his own graphic design company, Enter Stúdio 98. Under the leadership of Levente, Enter Stúdio 98 has become the leading creative studio in the field of cultural events and sports marketing. He won several awards for his work, including prizes of the Club of Hungarian Art Directors and Gold Achievement Award. His first graphic novel, Kings and Crosses was nominated for the best graphic novel of the year 2017 in Hungary.  

JÁNOS MÉSZÁROS - He has started his career in the film and video business. He worked for Hungarian film distributing companies and he was involved in the management of cinemas. In the past years, he changed for management consultancy, offering different marketing services to private clients. Recently János works as a freelance writer and translator. He translated several book on management consultancy from English to Hungarian. He is the writer of the story board of the Kings and Crosses graphic novel.


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KINGS AND CROSSES - Comic Exhibition
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