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Kamill Major Exhibition

Date: 31 January 2018, 7PM

Site Kamill sárga-kicsi

Kamill Major is a Hungarian-born visual artist who moved to France for more than forty years before, and has lived in Paris for many years now, and is now in the southern part of France in a small village in Gard. While the frame of his studio inspired him to geometric painting, his walking around the melancholy Pere Lachaise inspired photography and focused his attention on cemeteries, investigating traces of time and weather, vandalism. Traces and fractures that give a new life in a strange and intense way of eternal tranquility. Thus he was born into a double art, which is only two aspects of the same problem-destruction, is actually a creative act.


Kamill 6 atelier-site
Kamill Major followed a secondary education in the High School of Fine Arts of Pecs. At the same time, he was already taking part in his first exhibitions. In 1972, after spending two years in Budapest, he definitely left his country. He arrived in Paris and enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (Paris School of Decorative Arts) where he became a teacher in 1981. Enthusiastic and curious, eager to exchange experiences and impressions about life and art, he set out to meet the artists whose work he esteemed, considering this to be the best school. He met a large number of them with some of whom he occasionally collaborated: Etienne Hadju, Louis Pons, Curt Asker, Anna Mark Ervin Patkai... A strong friendship - a real artistic complicity -established itself with painter Simon Hantaî and sculptor Vera Székely. Kamill Major lived very near the cemetery of "Père-Lachaise", where he liked to wander. This extraordinary setting was of great inspiration to him. He took numerous photographs and his interest for cemeteries increased, always on the look out for traces left by time, injury of weather, hazard as well as vandalism. Traces and fadings that bring about a new life "strange and intense" in these places of eternal rest.


His artistic work expresses itself mainly in two activities interacting between themselves:

- Photographs, witness of the alteration of time on objects meant to immortalize the memory of the dead, but mostly of the rebel energy that gives them a second life through their successive transformations;

- Painting, activity marked as well by the obsession of disappearance, of cancellation and traces, magic cantilenas written in an invented archaic writing.

"This newly discovered world seems to accompany him; he cannot detach himself from the concentrated and liquorish taste of cultures slowly disappearing, nor from the sweet and sour vapour of buried bodies. From this heritage, an essential motive appears, the strongest, the more acute, that is the extraordinary power of time, the perspective taking things towards monumentality or their destruction" Géza Pernecky


In 2000 Kamill Major settled in a village in the Gard region, not far from Avignon.  His time is divided between the artistic creation, teaching at ENSAD in Paris and his garden.

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