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Marni Jazz Festival - Gábor Gadó & Laurent Blondiau

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12 September 2018 

This is a first for the Marni Jazz Festival with the fiery Laurent Blondiau ! An artist with no limits and a passionate innovator, he grabs the ‘carte blanche’ offered to him with both hands and initiates new encounters.
He is joined by Gabor Gado, a highly unusual guitarist who plays with magnificent depth and emotion and takes the music of his native Hungary to new horizons. And by the French bass player Sébastien Boisseau as well as Samuel Ber, the young drummer of the Mâäk collective.
A meeting of closely-knit musicians performing a mix of compositions created for the occasion, complemented by rearranged numbers of the duo. 
This music is both formally constructed and brimming over with essential freedom !
True to tradition, the trumpeter also promises us some famous surprise guests – so prepare yourselves for fireworks on stage.




Gábor Gadó (1957 Pécs)
Gábor Gadó is an excellent, innovative jazz musician of his time, who combines jazz and contemporary classical music with talent. He played first violin and later switched to classical guitar. He studied at the Jazz Department of the Bartók Béla Music Secondary School in the class of Gyula Babos. After finishing his studies in 1983 he played in several ensembles of leading Hungarian jazz musicians.
Among his first partners we can find Róbert Rátonyi Jr., Ferenc Snétberger, Attila László, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Elemér Balázs and Kálmán Oláh, the excellences of the Hungarian jazz music scene. Later on he also appeared in different international formations, as with Gerald Veasley, Randy Roos and George Jinda.
In 1995 he moved to France, and later he has been also living in London for some years. In 2000, the Gábor Gábor Quartet was founded in Paris, together with Matthieu Donarier (tenor saxophone), Sébastien Boisseau (double bass) and Joe Quitzke (drum). He is a composer and contributor to Gábor Winand's album “Corners of my mind”, which was chosen as the best jazz album by the French Jazzman magazine in 2002.
In 2003 he received the annual Bobby Jaspar's life prize of the French L'Académie as the best European jazz artist of the year, which is the most prestigious appreciation of his work. Gábor Gábor is a sought-after guitarist of French and international jazz music festivals and clubs.


Laurent Blondiau
As a trumpeter and improviser Laurent Blondiau is very active on the Belgian and European jazz scene, collaborating with numerous bands and artists as the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Nathalie Loriers + Extension, Octurn, Elephant Orchestra Dream and Magik Malik Orchestra.
Laurent Blondiau was born in 1968 in Belgium. In 1986, he entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he studied jazz with Bert Joris and Richard Rousselet.

In 2009 Laurent Blondiau received the award of the best European musician from the Jazz Academy.
In 1997 he set up his own group, Mâäk's Spirit, whose current workforce consists of 4 musicians (Sébastien Boisseau, Jean Chevalier, Laurent Blondiau, Jean-Yves Evrard) and a lighting designer (Sam Mary). This project is characterized by a very large place left to free improvisation. The group gets his inspiration from the contemporary music, rock, and free jazz, like this the music of Mâäk's Spirit remains unclassifiable and tries to escape the clichés. Their other project is the MikMâäk. Laurent Blondiau (trumpets) and Guillaume Orti (saxes) are artistic directors of MikMâäk, although the other musicians compose as well. This atypical crowd of 16 top artists was a resident band at Recyclart Brussels as well as Théâtre Marni and has performed on many festivals (Jazz Middelheim, Gaume Jazz, Mithra Jazz à Liège,...) ever since the birth of the project in June 2014.
The first album "MikMâäk" was recorded in June 2015 at De Werf in Bruges and released on De Werf Records in September 2015.


Trumpet, compositions Laurent Blondiau 
Double bass Sébastien Boisseau 
Drums Samuel Ber 
Guitar Gabor Gado
Lumières Sam Mary
+ guests


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