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Perchance - Szilard Cseke Solo Exhibition

Until 30 June 2019

fluorescent tubes, electrical fans, steel, plexi, 110x200x120cm 

Perchance - Szilard Cseke Solo Exhibition
The title of the exhibition, Perchance tells much about art and life itself. Let me share a relevant example with you. In 2015, I visited a Hungarian booth. Szilárd Cseke as one of the artists of the gallery was sitting there having a little rest or perhaps just waiting for the next client. I introduced myself and he immediately remembered me: we were students of the same university many years ago. I bumped into him by chance. 2015 was the year when he represented Hungary at the Venice Biennale with the remarkable istallation titled Sustainable Identities. I was just in the middle of organising the exhibition calendar of the Balassi institute, and perchance I was struggeling with filling in an empty spot in the program due to a cancellation. I could hardly believe, but we agreed that the we would arrange a solo exhibition in our gallery in Brussels. We did it, it was a great success. Let’s jump a few years ahead. It was a sunny Brussels day, perchance the first day of the so-called gillet jaune demonstrations.  With huge difficulties and with a big detour I made my way to my office. I was in a hurry, because a young lady has been waiting for me. When we have finished our business talk, we realised that she got stuck in the building, for the whole neighbourhood was in lock-down. So, we satarted to talk about personal matters. She mentioned that her husband was a gallerist and he was ineterested in concept art… This is how this exhibition was born. How many coincidences had to happen and and finally has led to this result? Well, they say for success, an artist needs chance and professionalism. Here, we have both. 

The art of Szilárd Cseke examines the role of chance in the creative process and in the result of the process, the artpiece irself. This quest results in a perfect metaphore of the unpredictabilty of life. He drops soft balls on the canvas so the picture is contsructed by the traces of the balls. He drops scrunchies in the paint and documents the result. He presses painted plastic films on the coloured canvas, pulls them apart and lets the pattern of this encounter dry, that later results in an art piece. Fingerprints of the invisible, tracks of the unpredictable. He gives eternal existence to the non-existent,  freezes the act as the photographer catches the secret smile. And the obvious questions arise. Are we able to control our deeds? Who takes the control, the coincidence or us? Can we control the Chance?

Szilárd Cseke is curious. He wants to find the answers, so he builds installations with the help of wich he invistes us for an invastigation. Thanks to his playful mind, we can throw balls into a labirynth of paths in a huge table-like construction and watch their way or we can try to influence their direction. It is an annoying, funny and sad game at the same time. At the end, we will realise that we have only a small part in this game: we are the ones who initiate it, but we have very little say in the result. On the other hand, without us, the whole process would not have been started. There is the Creator, then comes the chance and then the creation is born. But the process does not stop here. The creation, the art peace, or the point where the ball ends, on the table or outside, inspire the Creator to make the next step: to create another painting, drop the ball back to the labirynth, to run away, or to chose any possible paths of the labirynth of possible choices. Which perchance leads to another creation and so on, to the eternity. And as the individual artpieces are being created, the whole process concieves and constitutes a bigger ceation, the big system of chances, coincidances and unpredictable results. The oeuvre itself, well, LIFE itself.


Zsófia Villegas-Vitézy
Director of Institute Balassi, the Cultural Service of the Hungarian Embassy.


Vernissage On Wednesday 24 April
25.Apr.2019 - 30.Jun.2019


Venue: IFA Galleryifa - logoRue Saint-Georges 24, 1050 Ixelles
Tel.: +32 485 71 98 51


Mail.:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fri.-Sat., 2-7pm


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cseke - portraitSzilárd Cseke is a Hungarian artist, born in 1967. He lives and works in Budapest. He obtained his master’s degree of Fine Arts at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Painting, in 1995.


He represents nowadays the Hungarian contemporary art scene, with resourceful work, such as mobile sculptures and conceptual paintings. He uses in his works elements, which can be moved or are moving by compressed air or mechanical lever. He revives the concepts, which played an important role in the Kinetic Art of the 1950s and 1960s.


Cseke received the Silver a design award in Arts Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category in 2016 and obtained in 2014 the Munkácsy Prize, the most significant Hungarian prize for artists.


There are recurrent themes in his works such as migration and the search of identity. Szilárd Cseke uses a lot of different materials such as foil tube, balls, etc. and plays with the space. His expressive paintings are on the edge of the figurative and the abstract.


He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious Hungarian institutions such as the Museum Kiscell, the Kunsthalle and the Ludwig Museum. His works have been exhibited in well-known international art fairs including ARCOmadrid, Art Brussels, Artissima and The Armory Show in New York.


Szilárd Cseke has been shown internationally in Berlin, Vienna, Stuttgart, Frankfurt. He represented Hungary at the 56th Venice Biennale of 2015. In 2016, he opened his solo show at the Boca Raton Museum in Florida, entitled Gone Too Far.


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May 19.
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Perchance - Szilard Cseke Solo Exhibition
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