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Hungarian Cultural Studies

Call For Application Hungarian Language and Cultural Studies Program of the Balassi Institute for the 2015/2016 academic year


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The Balassi Institute invites applications for a 10-month scholarship during the 2015/2016 academic year. The scholarship is intended for individuals of Hungarian origin living outside of Hungary who wish to strengthen their language knowledge and cultural identity.


The goal of the Hungarian Language and Cultural Studies scholarship is to improve the Hungarian language skills and cultural knowledge of young people of Hungarian origin who are citizens and residents of other countries (the so-called “Western diaspora”).
The two-semester course takes place at the Balassi Institute in Budapest.
Young people, 18 years or older, are invited to apply. Volunteer work, references from post-secondary institutions, and any other activities related to Hungary or Hungarian culture are taken into consideration in the selection of the applicants.
About the program:
The program consists of language and cultural studies and provides opportunities to actively explore Hungary and contemporary Hungarian culture. In the framework of cultural studies the students learn about history, literature, geography, folklore, art history and social issues. At the end of the program students take a final exam in the above subjects, defend their final essay, and take a Hungarian language exam that is officially recognized by the Hungarian government. (The level and type of the language exam is decided by the language skills examination board.)
For those students who wish to apply for credits in their post-secondary institution, the Balassi Institute provides detailed course descriptions in addition to the transcript.
Class attendance is mandatory. Should a participant miss classes without cause, or violate the Institute’s Study and Exam rules or Disciplinary Guidelines, the individual will lose the right to continue in the program and the right to reside in the Institute’s residence. Any individual who has been expelled from the program will have to return any scholarship money received up to that date.
Program duration:
10 months (September 2015–June 2016)
The scholarship includes:
• Full tuition fee
• 25,000 HUF/month stipend (= US $105/month)
• free accommodation at the student hostel of the Institute (2-3 persons per room)
• student ID (offering discounts)
Attention please! Due to legal changes the scholarship grant does not include a free health insurance.
Total number of course participants: 18
Deadline for applications: April 15, 2015
More information:


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